A Roaming We Will Go

Logging into EVE last night I was pleased to see that a low sec to null sec cruiser and battle cruiser roam was in the works and kicking off in just under ten minutes.  I quickly switched over to my ever so trusty 1600 mm plated Rupture, Porky II, and hopped into fleet as soon as invites were taken.  Scouts were assigned and we ended up with a fleet of a dozen members comprised of two recons, one HAC, five cruisers, three battle cruisers and one logistics.  Not a bad mix for a light roam. 

The first order of business for me was selecting the right drink.  Up until this time I was drinking simple bottled water.  As our current path took us through some low sec systems and our main targets or opportunity would be local residents who were not exactly looking for a fight, ratters and plexers, there would the possibility that I would be taking a sec status hit and engaging in a bit of piracy.  Thus the bottle of Mount Gay Rum was selected as the drink of choice.  I am not sure if the Blackbeard drank his rum over ice with Coke Zero, but I am fairly certain that if given the choice he would have.  Being that I was uncertain on the exact time frame of the roam or where I would end up logged for the night I decided to bring both the can and the bottle with me to my computer, a decision I would not regret. 

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Our first prey was spotted as we sat on a low security gate on the Kehrara system.  The neighboring system had a dozen players in it from the same corporation and many were showing up on scan. We suspected that they were sitting outside of a station or POS, but maybe we would get lucky and the scouts would corner one in a belt or in a plex of some sort.  Then voice coms came alive. 

“Omen landing on the gate.  Jumping through to you.  Call points.”

The gate fired on our side and 10 other players all sat ready to spring our trap.  The Omen pilot was added to local and quickly started to try and warp away.  He was only 12 km from me and well within range of my warp disruptor.  Target locked and my pre-activated warp disruptor sprang to live.  Or rather it WOULD HAVE if this little warning boxed hadn’t popped up telling me what a bad person I am for even considering attacking someone in low sec.  The box took me a bit by surprise and I paused for a second to read it, which gave time for our prey to warp off. 

A bit disgruntled at our inability to spring even this simple trap, I refilled my drink.  Coke Zero was running a bit light so I was forced to make this one a bit stronger.  Oddly enough the Omen was still showing up on 360 scan and I set about trying to figure out where he had disappeared to.  Every planet and asteroid belt in range came back empty with the directional scanner and I had just about given up when the voice coms again activated.

“Omen is directly underneath us.  Off Grid…I…I think he is running a mission.” 

Sure enough mission generic wrecks were popping up on directional scan from time to time.  The Omen was either salvaging as he cleared or popping his wrecks to attempt to disguise his activities. 

“Everyone sit tight on the gate.  I am going to try and probe him out.” 

Six combat scanner probes now appeared on my directional scanner in addition to the Omen and his rapidly disappearing mission wrecks.  I reached out with my mind to this other player and slapped him upside the head.  You just jumped through a gate camp of nearly a dozen ships that tried to catch you that are all still in system.  Now you are in low security space in your mission ship and there are FREAKING PROBES SHOWING UP ON THE DIRECTIONAL SCANNER.  DOCK UP!  GET SAFE!  WAKE THE F*&# UP!

My mental warnings were all for naught and our little fleet scored our first kill for the night.  Turns out he was salvaging the wrecks as he went.  I was actually able to get a lock on the pod before he warped off but the orders were given to let him escape.  What do ya know, it looks like he was salvaging as he went.

Mother would be so proud.

Rather than wait off our global criminal countdown (GCC), a 15 minute timer in which you get shot at by gate and station guns, quietly in this system fleet management decided to move us to a planet in the adjacent system with all of the ships showing up on scan.  The planet he chose was not random, but was instead the planet closest to a station in the system.

Sitting just a few clicks off of this station was a lone Arbitrator.  This would be another Amarrian cruiser.  Now put yourself in this player’s pod for just one moment and consider the situation.  You are sitting at a station in low security space minding your own business.  Twelve players have just jumped into the system a few minutes ago.  All twelve of these players have a little red skull next to their name in local chat.  One of these players warps in next to you on the station.  He targets you and opens fire.  Again I reached out with my mental powers through the intertubes and tried to reason with this pilot to simply hit the dock button and spare his crew from an untimely death.  Clearly this is a bait ship sent to force him to aggress and stop him from docking.  The only sensible course of action is to safely dock up and escape from the impending and certain doom from the twelve hostile targets that are sitting in the system with you. 

My warnings went unheeded.  In much graver news I was now out of Coke Zero and was forced to drink the rum on the rocks.  Yarrrrrr! 

We then set course for a bit of a roam through portions of Curse.  Compared to low sec Derelik, this section of Curse is a ghost town.  Locals dock up, get safe, and POS up the moment our scouts would enter the system or drop probes.  The only action we found was a Dramiel that was constantly shadowing our gate camps and warping about.  With no interceptors of our own or a sniper BS to at least take shots at him, we posed little threat to this pilot. 

We journeyed seven jumps into Curse without a single kill and set course for home.  We made best speed until we reached the Sendaya gate in Doril. This would be the border gate between low sec Derelik and 0.0 Curse.  Our scout was cloaked just 3km off of the gate on the other side having jumped though a minute before.  Now he was reporting a Megathron and an Armageddon showing up on scan. 

Joining us at our small gate camp were now three members of the Quality Control corporation in an Arazu, Rifter and Incursus.  I didn’t catch the whole conversation but apparently these folks are “friendly neutrals” and we are in the process of getting mutual blue standing with them. 

The scout reported in, “Geddon and Mega landing on the gate.” 

We sat tight for a few moments as these new comers exchanged pleasantries with some of our fleet members.  

“They jumped through. Call points.  Mega is primary.” 

Seconds later my glass was now empty.  But now was not the time to panic and pour a new one!  There was spaceship glory to be had!  

The Armageddon was the first ship to de-cloak and slowly begin to turn back towards the gate.  I locked him and set my flight of light drones after him as I waited for the Mega to appear on my overview. 

“Geddon is now primary. I’ll tackle the mega when he looses cloak.” 

The Megathron battleship materializes on my overview just 5 km from my hull and begins to target me.  As the Armageddon was still 20km from me I sent a few salvos of 220mm autocannons into the Mega’s shields as I burned towards the tackled Armageddon.   For good measure I kept my point on the Mega as I blasted towards the Geddon.  

Multiple points were called on the Armageddon BS as it slowly began to loose chunks of armor and eventually bleed into structure.  It would never make it back to the gate that it so desperately limped towards

Our attention was now focused on the Megathron ship that was creeping back towards the gate.  I tried to hit my WMD and burn back towards him to add my web and dps to the mix.  Hmm…where the hell did my capacitor go?  I usually don’t have this problem…. Ah yes….I was being cap neutralized by the Mega pilot.  Well that was fairly cheeky of him given the situation he was in. 

Two minutes of DPS later and the Megathron was turned into a floating scrap pile to match his Amarrian friend.  

Much fun was had by our fleet members and it was a great way to end the evening’s roam.  I was somewhat surprised that all of the kills we achieved were more directly related to other players’ lack of skill than our own cleverness.  The two battle ships SHOULD have been using a scout.  The Arbitrator SHOULD have seen the hostile fleet in local and docked up rather than engaging the obvious bait ship.  The Omen SHOULD have been using his directional scanner and docked up when he saw the combat probes on his scanner.  

Hopefully with our assistance, these lessons will sink in.


~ by Centuri on January 28, 2010.

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