Delve Sov Up For Grabs

Did the Goons implode?  To the forums!!!

Something seems missing from this picture...

(2010-02-01 18:20:27) karttoon: I just went to make coffee then I started to laugh so hard I cried.

<RB> Karttoon took all our money
<RB> and is going to RMT it
<Lake> Chribba: wouldn’t bet against it having been stated publicly, but nobody believes them because of all the rumors =p
<RB> because we were demanding he resign
<Chribba> ok
<Lake> ^^ see
<Chribba> so how much did he manage to get?
<RB> 300 bill in liquid isk
<Lake> 300B ISK, 1T in assets, is the word.
<RB> plus whatever he got from just suiciding our dread cache
<RB> plus our entire logistics cache
<Chribba> ok
<RB> at least 1T



~ by Centuri on February 3, 2010.

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