Those B@st@rds!!!

 A few days ago I signed on with White Talon Enterprises (WTE) which bases out of the South East Forge Region and is just a hop, skip and a few more jumps from several 0.0 areas.  I packed my bags and bid farewell to OUCH in lower Derelik just this week and linked up with my new corp shortly thereafter.  I wish OUCH the best and I did learn some new things in the few weeks that I flew with them.  Hopefully someone recorded the class that they did on bookmarking and 0.0 bubbles and the various types and there uses.  It was very informative.

Life in The Forge is certainly much more crowded than Derelik or even the majority of Matari held space.  High security systems continue to be very well populated and the low security systems appear to be covered in player owned structures of various sizes working to keep the Caldari economic machine moving and the Jita marketplace well fed.  My trade alt is not at all pleased with her new home in Jita, though once she was able to filter out all of the daily scammers life became a bit more pleasant.

Last nights roam was extremely uneventful.  We spent nearly two hours wandering up and down low sec Forge systems and even poked our head into 0.0.  There was only four of us in the gang so our options were limited.  Eventually we gave up on actually hunting low sec targets, as low sec citizens tend to be a bit paranoid when anyone gets within scan range of them for some reason.  Then the idea was proposed that we would spread out amongst the belts in this one particular system and pretend to be defenseless ratters.

We munched on the rats for a few minutes hopeful for a solo pirate or opportunistic carebear to land on one of our belts and go for the kill.  We had a Brutix, Drake, Maller and a Rupture.  So we were not a heavy gang by any means and we did not have proper tackle or a scout, but I digress…

Local went up by 4 and a small gang appeared to be moving through.  On scan I saw three Drakes and a Zealot.  A short discussion was had on vent concerning whether we should engage this other small gang or not.  We did not delude ourselves into thinking that we had any advantage over this gang.  They were heavier than us and had superior fire power.  But as we had just spent the better part of two hours wandering around looking for a fight, we were not about to back down now.

A Drake landed 60km from our Maller pilot in a belt.  The Maller pilot started to approach the Drake.  It was an obvious trap.  I think our basic plan was to attack the Drake and bring the rest of their gang in.  That was about where our plan ended.  In retrospect we should have formulated more of a plan.  We opened fire on the Drake and earned ourselves a nice GCC along with the security hit.  It strikes me as more than a bit ironic that I was firing on a player from a pirate corp that is apparently well known enough for me to have heard of them before, and yet I was the one who was the criminal. 

So they brought the rest of their gang in and made short work of our Brutix while I think we may have gotten the Drake’s shields to 50%.  A single Drake locked me and held point while they chipped away at the Brutix.  My ECM drones flew into action and swarmed around my tackler.  I aligned for the nearest planet and watched for the Drake’s target lock to break to allow me to make my escape.  ECM drones are exceptionally gay, just saying.  I think they may have gotten a few cycles of attempts of jamming the Drake by the time the Brutix imploded and my gang mates pod rocketed towards a planet.

Come on ECM….go drones go….  The rest of the gang now was locking me.  It was now or never….

Never won that coin toss.

They all opened fire onto my Drake’s enormous shield tank and spent a good 30 seconds or so just peppering me with missile fire.  The shields melted away and I noticed that my ECM drones were being picked off one by one.  Serves the little buggers right.  As soon as my shields were gone it was just a heartbeat later that my armor was gone and I was into structure.

The firing stopped.

I was invited to join a chat channel.  How cute.

It was very professionally done.  There was a chat channel with every member of the opposing fleet and it even had a nice message to the effect of.  YOU ARE BEING RANSOMED. SHUT OFF ALL OF YOUR MODS OR YOU WILL BE DESTROYED.  Cheeky. 

The spokesperson for the group demanded 30 million isk to release my ship.  30 million for a Drake?  That seems a bit much.  The insurance payout alone is 38 million isk.  A new one costs around 26 million, which left me with most of my mods and the ship covered by the insurance payout.  Plus, with the net loss of the ship considering insurance costs, I can still make enough isk for a new Drake in about thirty minutes flying solo in a class one wormhole.

I wish that I could say I had some smart comments or some amusing smack logs to show you of that channel.  Truth be told I was too busy trying to burn out all of my mods so as to give the proverbial finger to whomever was fortunate enough to loot my soon to be wreck.  Rest assured that next time I have a whole scenario pre-planned in my head that should make for some amusing chat logs.  

I declined their “generous” offer.  

They were more than polite about it and fire resumed on my ship shortly thereafter.  Not sure on how much it costs to repair a tech II module that is completely burned out and broken.  I hope it is a lot. 

I didn’t want this Drake anyway!  

Kudos to The Bastards for bringing the good fight.  Hope to shoot you guys again soon. 

Side note: EFT lists that Drake fitting has having EHP of a bit over 90k.  Yet I only took about 1/3 of that to be destroyed as stated on the killmail.  Hm…


~ by Centuri on February 5, 2010.

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  1. Killmails show “absolute” damage taken, ignoring resists. They never match the EHP shown in EFT due to all resists being ignored.

    If you are active tanking, the amount you rep will be added in, but if you’ve got buffer/passive shield…. nope.

  2. Killmails are borked to hell and back…doesn’t show actual damage and hasn’t for a while…I’ve asked many times and gotten no dev responses..looks like CSM is working on it.

  3. Repair costs in player managed stations in 0.0 can be as low as 0 ISK. I know that they are in our alliance stations, so burning out the modules is a minor inconvenience really.

  4. Baa you are clearly ruining my last laugh.

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