How Many Frigates to Scare off a Carrier?


After a rather impressive engagement earlier this week by the residents of this certain system in Geminate, we again set course for destruction and worked our way down and over again last night.  I wish I could share with you the shot-by-shot report of the fleet vs. fleet engagement from earlier this week, but alas someone has to be cloaked up and watching the rear of the fleet.  At least I got to listen on voice coms while targets were called over the course of several minutes.

Suffice it to say that the engagement lasted serveral minutes and involved several players on the loosing side getting multiple ships blown up.  The entire time we kept up reps where needed and while we did loose a Falcon and a Caracal, whereas our opponents lost a battleship, frigate, interceptor, stealth bomber, covert-ops, cruiser and 8 battle cruisers.  As such, the numerical and economic scales were clearly tipped in our favor. 

It was indeed a good fight.  Not that I would know of course, as I stated previously I was keeping watch on the fleets rear end like I was told.  Totally not bitter about that. 

We eventually arrived there last night to find the gates deserted, but bubbled.  The fleet started to take down the warp disruption bubbles in hopes of goading a fight.  Scans showed two active carriers in system with fighters deployed and local put our numbers at about even.  But there was no epic struggle, no carrier kill mails, no taunting in local as some poor sap set his shiney carrier to self destruct to deny us a kill.  The locals instead all ran into their POS shields and simply sat there.  

WTE warped about in system hoping to catch anyone, but they remained within their POS shields.  The fleet eventually moved on and left me in a covert ops frigate behind to monitor the system for any activity while they looked for targets of opportunity elsewhere.  I systematically bookmarked every special anomaly in the system and began checking off belts one by one with the directional scanner.  The only targets that presented themselves were the local NPC Pirates who were zipping about enjoying their momentary reprieve from action. 

I was able to setup observation points at each of the POS in system and keep eyes on the ships within.  Then I began to warp to each of the cosmic anomaly in the system in hopes of spying some action that way.  No luck.  All empty.  The belts continued to be dry.  The gates were deserted.  The players refused to leave the POS shields for fear of the one outsider cloaked up in system.

It was glorious.  I was preventing more than a dozen other players from any in game activity just by my very presence.  Color me a griefer.


~ by Centuri on February 18, 2010.

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