Freespace Querious

As posted by Dagda Morr of Evolution on the Eve University Forums.

IT have opened up the constellation to all – this does not mean we will not shoot you and it does not mean other people won’t shoot you. We are hoping the constellation will become a sort of frontier town – I expect us and lot’s of others to run roaming gangs into the area – but generally people can do what they want if they are clever and careful.
Docking is available to all and the system will be upgraded as the indices rise so ratting and mining should end up being nice, but it is and will remain a anarchic system where anyone can shoot anyone without our interference, but you can throw up a POS if you want and charges to dock, clone and repair are as low a cost as possible.  

Free Candy Where?

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The cynic in me tells me that IT is looking to plant a vegetable garden in their own backyard.  If they can attract enough sheep to the area it will provide an outlet for the small group PVP and roams that won’t be met with a huge blob of players.  And if any group does move in actually organize enough to repel the roams, all IT has to do is kill their docking rights and force them to move on.  Worse comes to worse they simply kill docking rights for everyone and bubble the exits. 

The optimist in me feels that IT is going to see if a pseudo Providence model will work for them in some of their unused systems.  I rarely play EVE as an optimist. 

By their own admission IT will be sending roaming gangs into the area.  Further they clearly state that you should expect other groups to do the same.  Thus I am leaning more towards the vegetable garden with any well organized force in the area being delt with by extreme prejudice.  If a group of smaller corporations or alliances setup intel channels to counter the roaming gangs and bands together for mutual defense, how long until they are simply expelled from the region by IT? 

Overall I don’t understand why any small group of players or solo players would want to head out to that constellation.  Other than increased danger, I don’t see any benefit beyond what you can already get from operating out in NPC 0.0.  Good luck with your new garden, IT, may you harvest many good fights.


~ by Centuri on March 9, 2010.

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  1. “Overall I don’t understand why any small group of players or solo players would want to head out to that constellation.” Or anywhere else in 0.0 despite Dominion. Frankly, I am completely puzzled by CCP’s continuing attmpts to mix two entirely different playstyles into one area of the game. A PvE ratting/plexing ship is gimped in comparison with a PvP ship and certainly if facing a roaming gang, hence time is being wasted as it safes up and cloaks. A miner who has to waste time avoiding ganks is not going to be thrilled about it either. Those are “builder” playstyles and are not compatible with the “destroyer” playstyle which predominates in 0.0 and lowsec. Oil and water.

  2. Playstyle differences being thrust onto each other is an issue onto itself.

    Without local protection, enforced retribution and eventual expulsion from the territory staring would be gankers in the face, I don’t get why any group would risk assets there. Perhaps other groups of ganking players will roam through from time to time, but I imagine they will only find other groups looking to do the same.

    Best of luck to IT though. I hope more of the large territorial powers will at least make an effort to be less xenophobic in the future.

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