Finally Scammed

I knew it was only a matter of time.  Even a pod pilot can only be so careful some of the time.  It was a BPO scam via contracts in Jita.  I was looking for a researched BPO that someone was looking to dump to get out of the business.  Sifting through the pile I saw the usual suspects of would be scam artists and quickly started blocking them so that I would never see their contract offerings again. 

At the same time I was running some craptastic level 3 mission in my Drake on my main account on another PC.  Turning my attention back to my hauler alt on my laptop sitting in Jita 4-4, I found what I was looking for.  Only seven million ISK for a ME50 PE10 BPO.   A fresh BPO for this product was only about 700k ISK.  I pulled up the production calculator and plugged in the numbers based on a ME50 and saw that my profits would rise by around 30% with the lower material requirements. 

I checked carefully to make sure it was in fact an original blue print, and thus allowed an infinite number of production runs, versus a blue print copy that would only allow a limited number of runs.  Success.  I had found my deal.  It would only take about two weeks of production to make back my investment costs and by then the additional material efficiency would pay for itself.

Hours later my haulter alt slowly pulled into the docking bay in my home production office.  Transferring the BPO to my main, I setup a production run and set it for 1500 runs.  Hmm…odd I don’t have enough materials.  The website says that I should, perhaps the website is wrong.   Let’s see…ME50 means I need X amount of Tritanium.  Let’s see what the BPO lists as the actual required materials….


ME0 PE 0.                  

Nice one.


~ by Centuri on March 11, 2010.

2 Responses to “Finally Scammed”

  1. I wonder, what would be the proper ‘steps to go through to avoid cantract scams’? If you were to try to summarize it to avoid most of them?


  2. Double check and then check again. Most of the scams are fairly obvious and easy to spot. Had I not been doing five things at once while doing my Jita shopping, I likely would have spotted the ME0 listed on the BPO for sale.

    I also always block contracts from anyone that I see is running a scam so I never see any of their other contracts.

    Be careful of how the game will allow players to set their own descriptions of items. Like the title of the contract will list it as a faction item but it is actually just a normal one.

    Another fairly common one that you see are the ones where an item is listed at a fairly good price and the description will say something like, “COMPLETE SET OF XYZ ONLY 50 MILL.” And then the actual price on the contract will be 500 million.

    Really you just can never be too careful when it comes to the contracts. Even when dealing with someone you consider a trusted source always be wary.

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