Moving On

Early Minmatar industrial prototype.

Over the weekend I bid adieu to White Talon Enterprises and moved on.  WTE had a good run for several weeks.  But then, as with all player run groups that rely too much on the leadership for activities, the timeless story of the leader being hit with a real life work crisis and needing an extended AFK.  Our daily BC PVP gangs of 15-20 were put on a two week pause, then one of the other directors, I think it was the mining/industrial director, also went on a hiatus, which left just one of our directors left. 

He is a nice enough guy and certainly did give it his best attempt, but in the end his play schedule and desire to lead group activities just did not bear much fruit.  I found myself in a region I despised (The Forge) playing in overcrowded systems with well established pirate gangs camping and roaming our main entry ways into low sec and null space.  I spent the last few weeks just working on Peace and Order Corporation rep and got access to the lower level 4 agents and packed up. 

It wasn’t a bad run with WTE by any means. We did have several good weeks of PVP ops before the CEO went AWOL, and the mining ops with Orca support were very well run until that director also had some other things to do.  I wish them the best of luck and hope that the corp has success in whatever direction its members choose to take it.  

I did more than a bit of production work while I was out there.  The market demand for Scourge Heavy Missiles in The Forge Region is just insane.  Even with two BPO production runs going non stop, I would sell them out at a 100% markup over production cost before the next batch was baked.  I am sure that if I did the math I would have come out ahead just running a few extra level 3 missions instead of moving missile stockpiles around to neighboring systems, but it keeps the game a bit more interesting if you branch out from time to time. 

The other money making scheme I had was fitting out Drakes with Tech II fits and named Tech I launchers.  I would then take the time to fly them out a jump or two into low sec and sell them fully fit and ready to go via contracts.  You can get a 50-100% ROI, and with a scout in a fast frigate, you should be able to avoid any surprise gate camps.  Just remember, you are not providing a valuable service to the low security community, you are actually ripping off the mouth breathing 30-something that lives in his mother’s basement that ganked you the other day.  He won the first round, but clearly you have the last laugh.  Anyway, I sold seven of them on 7 day auction contracts and never had a single one expire without being bought out. 

So against my better judgment I went shopping for a new corp on the Eve-O forums.  I know.  Yeah.  I know.  Look you don’t have to…ok.  Having spent more than a bit of time running class one and class two wormhole sites solo, it seemed like a good decision to go in this direction.  I signed up with a corp by the name of Fire Bird Squadron which promises a home in a class 5 system with a static class 3 opening for access back to normal space and multiple daily class 3 farming groups.  We shall see…


~ by Centuri on March 23, 2010.

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  1. Best of luck in your new corp. I still haven’t found a corp as of yet. Probably due to my character age (1 month) and less than 1 mission skill points…

  2. Why does it always have to be the CEO or Directors who must organize and run ops? This is half or more the reason they burn out. Why don’t the members take it upon themselves to organize their own ops? I have seen this issue time and again in corps I’ve been in and associated with. I still don’t get it.

  3. You may find that many would gladly step up to the plate. I have a 20-year military background and help to manage contracts worth millions. I would gladly like the opportunity to help lead operations, but when you see my toon you see a 1-month old character….

  4. Mynxee – A lot of that just depends on how the corp is structured. If your corp hands out PVP ships at the beginnings of OPS and relies on that to help with participation, then you need people with access to those assets online or the op won’t take place.

    You are also discounting the value of a good FC. Yes, anyone can lead an op, but most people don’t feel qualified to do so. There was a particular encounter we were engaged in which we had equal numbers but clearly were more disciplined and came out ahead.

    I would think a good corp should make it a point to train up fledgling FC so that they have them when needed. In short, if the CEO is the guy that hands out the ships and leads the fighting, he needs to make arrangements if he goes on a month long sabbatical.

    Also a lot of corps offer ship reimbursement programs as long as the ships are lost on “official” ops. My current WH corp has such a program. If a ship is lost because some members took it upon themselves to just start it up themselves (I agree this is a good thing), then the corp offers no reimbursement. So the folks with the logistics ships sit around until one of the figureheads gets on to lead the “official” op.

  5. I think there is a simpler answer. For me, I don’t want to run ops. Thats a big reason I quit being a CEO in the first place. Many players, myself included just don’t want the burden of command anymore be it as CEO/Dir or just running an op. there is the hassle of running it then trying to find the best time to do it then not having the right people with the right ships ready. IT goes on and on. Some members want to be just that; members.

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