First Night in a POS

My arrival into my new class 5 wormhole home over the weekend was strikingly uneventful.  The 15 jump trip from my current base of operations to the new entry point was easily covered in my covert ops frigate.  Another somewhat new member of the corporation was kind enough to poke his head out onto the high security side and get me into the class 3 wormhole system that was linked to our class 5.

So the link to our home system works this way.  We have a null sec opening directly that despawns every few days.  Thus far I have been able to stick my head out into Fountain and watch a Cry Havoc gang of 30 members cut through that system, and go on a small tour of a system in Pure Blind.  I hope that eventually it opens up to NPC 0.0 or some dead end system filled full of ratters, highly alarmed at my presence.  Perhaps a small defensive fleet will be formed to camp me in as I laugh at them and disappear into the entry wormhole.  Or we will be spotted by some bored 0.0 bloc who will bring in a BS gang and a Dread or two and blow up our POS.  Either way.

There is also a static opening that I WAS TOLD was to a class 3 system, but the first respawn on Sunday was to a class 2 system, whose only opening to normal space was in low security space in the Black Rise region.  Can’t say that I will ever be returning to this little corner of the map.  Still it was nice to see that not all of Calardi space has pilots packed in like sardines.

But anyway.  Life in a POS.  Yeah.  If you could have asked someone to take the services available in a station such as manufacturing, research, cloning, storage, refining etc., and make it as difficult to access as possible while at the same time requiring players to risk their assets being stolen by fellow corporation members, you would almost have the EVE POS system.  I am sure that veteran players all take for granted the completely alien mechanics and procedures for living out of a POS that are completely unduplicated in stations and outposts. 

I was told which storage arrays I could use and which hangars I had access to.  I opened up my assigned hangar to stash my frigate.  Odd…I could see dozens and dozens of ships ranging from tech I scanning frigates all the way up to battleship.  Hmm…well I am sure I am missing something at this point, as clearly I must have some personal hangar to access and just mis-clicked on something.  Nope.  Within minutes of joining the corp I had access to the collective ships of dozens of players.  Right.

Looking over the other storage arrays it all came to light as to why corp theft is so prevalent in EVE.


~ by Centuri on March 24, 2010.

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  1. Nice Blog 🙂
    Its a trade off between convenience versus security.
    Wormhole colonization can be a bit tricky.
    As membership keeps growing, the system gets refined.

    > Unsecured hangar are where members can store ships for convenience

    > Secure hangars are where we tell most people to store expensive ships or stuff above 100 mil .
    But of course not everyone listens.
    Don’t really want to keep harping on that.

    > NONE of the prized stuff is accessible to normal members nor is it stored in the POS

    > Maybe we can lose a few hundred mil worth of ships. At some point in EVE, you will have to trust people if you want to get things done
    Far from perfect but any theft at this stage is 1/2 to 2 Ops for us so we just go out and run the Ops as a team and get the ‘victims’ some replacement ships. This is also kind of reassuring for members cause they know we have each other back

    > This is different from ship reimbursement.
    If Ships are lost during Sleeper Ops ( any C3/ C5 Ops ) the corp reimburses the pilot as part of the Ops

    More robust system is being evaluated for implementation this week anyways.

  2. I didn’t mean it as a dig at the corp. I just honestly had no idea that the hangars were community access and thought it would be individual hangar sections for each person.

  3. Seriously no worries.
    I’m just clarifying

    You give a balanced account of things which is refreshing.

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