Double Pentration AAR

An action filled night for both of my corp’s holes as hostiles entered both systems.  The respawning null sec entrance of Charming, one of the class five systems we inhabit, opened up and let in some folks from the Systematic Chaos alliance.  The only ship they grabbed of ours was a Covetor that was mining away at a grav site solo.  There was a minimum number of our folks in the system and everyone simply got safe behind the POS shield.  

Scouts were unable to pin point their fleet’s location and we were not able to get an accurate count on fleet numbers or composition.  We did locate their entryway and put a scout on a perch above it.  Not sure on what null sec region the entrance was coming from.  One scout reported that it was coming from Syndicate and another from Catch.  The gang went and paid one of our neighbors a visit and popped a couple of ships over there including a Cane and Harbringer

Looking at the Sys-K killboard it seems that these folks were dodging a CTA POS defense that did not go well for their alliance.  Either way, our neighbors were quick to action and were soon seen jumping ships in and out of our system through the connecting hole in an attempt to close it off.  

Sorry that we are such bad neighbors and let those guys through! 

The action in Nomad, our other C5, was a bit more exciting.  A small gang had entered the system and a group of miners were apparently completely unaware of their presence.  Not sure who was asleep at the directional scanner but the mining op was wiped clean.  Four Covetors were killed along with an Orca.  Wow.
Not bad for such a small gang consisting of a Phantasm (Faction Cruiser), Onyx (Heavy Interdictor) and a Hurricane BC.  The Orca pilot was not too upset and just stated that after the insurance payout, it was not a heavy loss to take.  I haven’t checked the prices and insurance payouts of those things so I am not sure if he was putting up a front or not. 

A small defense force was mustered as the attackers seemed to be looting and salvaging the wrecks.  Our stealth bomber pilot was sitting just 15km from their 3 man gang keeping an eye out for them.  An Ishkur pilot of ours soon was on the hostiles trying to hold them down and let the rest of the fleet arrive.  He concentrated his fire on the Hurricane as the Onyx and Phantasm both moved to engage. 

The rest of our gang comprised of two Abaddons, Pilgrim, Rook and a Raven were soon on the field and laying into the Hurricane.  In the opening salvos they were able to pop our stealth bomber, who was trapped in a bubble from the Onyx.  The Onyx was able to get webs on the Ishkur which allowed the Cane to rapidly change directions and decrease the small frigates transversal on the larger ship.  The Ishkur rapidly went pop.  Points were kept on both the Phantasm as well as the Onyx and both pilots were sent home in pods.  

Perhaps there is some hope for this corp after all. There was some talk of some additional ships being brought in for PVP.  One player even mentioned some tech one fit cruisers and battle cruisers that could be supplied by the corp and kept fully PVP fitted and ready for action.  Not much for a one on one encounter against a well equipped incursion force, but clearly it would provide a strategic leg up if we were all able to rapidly reship and join a fight taking place while our opponents would have no such opportunity. 

Late last night I went and moved my two ships out of Charming (the C5 hole with the C3 static for those of you paying attention).  I have 6 days left of training to get the RR Tempest setup that I want and a similar amount of time to get my alt into a Dominix battle ship setup entirely for remote repair.  After that I will be moving into Nomad for an extended amount of time.  Life in Charming has been interesting enough, but farming C3 sites in a BC and then splitting it by 4-5 people is much less profitable than simply farming class 1 or 2 sites solo in a similar ship size.  Don’t even get me started on much less Isk per hour it is than running level 4’s in high sec…


~ by Centuri on March 25, 2010.

3 Responses to “Double Pentration AAR”

  1. Charming : They did have composition for the Sys- K group.
    Hence the decision to not engage at the time and wait to see if we could get numbers.
    The group had three T2 ships & one Loki + Cheetah Scout while at that time we didn’t have the firepower needed in Charming.
    Maybe a misstep but we don’t want to throw new guys into the deep end if they just came in

    Nomad : That Orca + mining fleet was not our corps.
    Our Orca pilots have a clue to just stay under shields and boost.
    That Orca guy inhabits the WH with us, we did respond cause we had people in Nomad at the time.
    As u said we lost Nemesis & Ishkur to their Onyx & Phantasm

    C3 Ops : Actually u need to get into the ones where they run 20 – 30 sites.
    Over period of a month it averages out to more then Level IV mission running. This is the main reason people stay in Charming :p
    On the downside, C3 is dependent on timing with the other guys.
    I used to be a AFK level IV runner. If there is no thrill i start to question why I am doing said activity.
    People like to run C3’s more because there is a social element and potential risk.
    Level IV mission are so boring that sometimes u cant be compelled to do them ? ( even if lucrative )


  2. I think it was just a timing issue for me and the C3 ops. They seem to be a bit more sporadic than I would like, but such is the nature of the beast. It also felt too familiar to be flying around shooting sleepers in a BC. I can do that solo in class on or class 2 systems.

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