Crash Course In Deep Space Wormhole Logistics

When you only way home involves two hours of scanning, jumping through 5 separate Sleeper infested systems, and even then, the best exit you can find put your right next to OLD MAN STAR; then you might be a deep space wormhole dweller.  No I am not exaggerating.  Such is the life of the capsuleer who chooses to reside this deep into the unknown. 

Last night over a 4 hour time period I managed to move both my alt and main into our C5 home systems, codename Nomad.  Nomad is a static C5 with a static null sec exit and a static C5 exit.  Supposedly every 2-3 weeks a high sec exit point spawns and is quickly closed by the massive amount of logistics that fly through there to get the loot out and new ships, drones, ammo and POS fuel in.  

It all started when I learned that the null sec exit was a border system in Etherium Reach.  The path there looked easy enough to do in my cover ops and I set off on this epic journey.  This area was occupied by some Atlas renters that didn’t seem to be home when I passed through.  I scanned down the entry point and zipped on through to unknown space.  I obtained a warp in for the POS and surveyed my surroundings.  

I joined the fleet in system and learned that a C5 entryway was already scanned down, so I warped to the fleet that was floating about nearby while the scouts checked it out and scanned down the system.  The fleet began the fine art of “Sleeper Pimping” (not my term) whilst I began to scan out the two wormhole signatures that were reported.  The first was a class 5 system and the second was a class 6.  The C5 seemed more promising for a possible low security exit point and I pushed myself through the portal. 

The directional scanner came back completely clean, so I set myself up at the closest planet after bookmarking the entry way to the C5 that was connected to Nomad.  The system had only two other exits, the first was a null sec exit somewhere deep into the Great Wildlands, the second was to a class 4 wormhole. Jumping through I was again greeted by a clear directional scanner.  I then set a bookmark for the C5 to the C5 that was connected to Nomad.  This system appeared even less promising for exits and the only way out was the way that I came through or another C4 wormhole. 

Thus I once again was sucked off to the great unknown, except now there were some things clogging up my directional scanner in this C4 system.  A flight of Hornet II light scout drones as well as a flight of mining drones.  No ships were found at all.  Drones left behind in haste or silent grave markers sentenced to a cold eternity floating in space waiting for masters to return that never would?  Best to not worry about such things.  A bookmark was set at the wormhole to the C4 system that was connected to the C5 system, that was linked with the C5 system that eventually would send me back to Nomad.

Again, no exits could be found to normal space.  The only way out was the way that I came or through a class 3 system.  Perhaps now we were getting somewhere!  I jumped into the class 3 and again found a clean d-scan report and set a bookmark back to the class 4 system, which is linked to the C4 system, that was connected to the C5 system, that was linked with the C5 system that eventually would send me back to Nomad.  Eureka a low security exit!  It was not the best, but would have to do.  I was time committed at this point.  On my laptop I had my alt begin making best speed to Villore, while my main parked his Cheetah and then burned back to Rens to pick up my RR Tempest.  Sometime 30 minutes later I linked up at a station and switched back to my covert ops, while leaving my Tempest in the station.

I made a complete set of bookmark copies and gave them to my alt and began to scout the way in my small cloaking frigate.  I scouted him two jumps into low sec and then all the way back through to Nomad, which for those of you keeping track at home involves a path of Low Sec -> C3 -> C4 -> C4 -> C5 -> C5 -> Nomad.  Eventually I parked my alt in the POS and logged her out.  I stuck my main’s Cheetah in a ship maintenance array and set off again to make the trip through Nomad -> C5 -> C5 -> C4 -> C4 -> C3 -> Low Sec.  And then again with my Tempest all the way back through Low Sec -> C3 -> C4 -> C4 -> C5 -> C5 -> Nomad. 

Nomad -> C5 -> C5 -> C4 -> C4 -> C3 -> Low Sec: While scanning in a frigate.  

Low Sec -> C3 -> C4 -> C4 -> C5 -> C5 -> Nomad. With a Dominix and a frigate. 

Nomad -> C5 -> C5 -> C4 -> C4 -> C3 -> Low Sec. In a pod.  

Low Sec -> C3 -> C4 -> C4 -> C5 -> C5 -> Nomad. In a Tempest. 

Of course with my luck, the periodic high sec opening should spawn sometime this afternoon.


~ by Centuri on April 1, 2010.

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  1. The life of a deep dweller is the best.

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