New Wormhole Recruits: Where are they coming from?

With Firebird Squadron’s doors open again I was a bit curious on the background of the players joining the corporation.  With operations ranging from small groups running class three sites to large organized gangs involving capital ships in class 5 sites.  FBS kind of offers it all when it comes to wormhole living. 

 Here is the breakdown of the last 11 members to join or corporation:

 6 0.0 Sov Holders

4 Empire Carebears

2 Former Providence Residents

1 Low sec pirate. 

The 0.0 sov holding alliances range from small constellation renters to 0.0 powerhouses of AAA to former NC members.  The one player that I spoke with was part of the Southern Power Bloc and he expressed that he enjoyed 0.0 life and the PVP and PVE opportunities it offered, but with the current climate in 0.0 he did not want to join his corporation in its current push into the North. 

Empire mission runners and industrialists are kind of a shoe in to me.  Wormholes would be the next step in progression of offering the relative safety of deep 0.0 space while they get to escape the monotony of the mission grind.

Our former members of the Providence neighborhood were obviously on the loosing end of that series of events.  Neither is from a space owning alliance.  With the current shift of Providence away from a NRDS governed by CVA’s ruleset and instead becoming a small gang PVP region overseen by dozens of smaller entities, I doubt these folks will be returning there.

The pirate is the red herring of the bunch.  I don’t know his reasons or motivations for joining.  Certainly if he can fly a battle cruiser well and follow directions he stands to make quite a sum of money very quickly running class 3 sites, assuming that is his intention of course. 

While I wish I had a larger sample size, perhaps I will take a look at this again in a few more weeks once recruitment is complete.  Honestly I would have thought that more players would have been joining coming from Empire backgrounds and perhaps a few from 0.0 industrial corporations.  It seems a bit backwards that players are entering wormholes from 0.0 space holding powers.  I guess 0.0 is not all it is cracked up to be at the moment.

Sorry for the lack of posts recently.  Tons of work to do both at work and at home.  Haven’t really had a ton of time to think up topics to ramble on about.


~ by Centuri on April 22, 2010.

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