In the Black

Despite my dwindling play time as ever increasing real life obligations reduce my EVE time down to just one or two evenings per week, I have somehow managed to recoup my initial investment of 400 million Isk into wormhole ships and supplies.  Happily I can report 0 losses of ships are supplies to in either PVP encounters or to corporate theft.  Apparently large projectile ammo and a T2 fitted hurricane and Tempest are not high on any would be thief’s lists.

The last corporate payout pushed my payment total to 441 million Isk in w-space income and thus finally made this a profitable venture.  It is good to know that any ops from here on out will not be covering costs but providing cold hard cash for the wallet. 

The skill training on my main continues to trudge towards a carrier and the appropriate skills to actually use one in combat effectively.  Against Eve-O forum consensus, I have been training towards a Minmatar Carrier, the Hel. 

The Hel, inciter of hellacious puns since 2005.

Somehow it is not as widely regarded as the Gallente or Amarrian versions, but I am sure it will suit my purposes just fine for now; mainly because I have no purposes for one beyond just having a goal to train towards.  One day I will have to pull up EFT and do run some fits on all three types and see for myself.

On the corporate front, FBS is enjoying a flood of new recruits, but has experienced the loss of a few key personnel.  Mainly the losses are the logistics and combat alts (read: Isk makers) of 0.0 players that now need these characters for the current North vs. South conflict.  Always sad to see a Guardian pilot leave, oh how we will miss his logistics skills and shiny remote armor repairers.  The newer pilots seem content to fly around Charming, our C5 with a C3 static, and it appears that Nomad, our C5 with a C5 static, is suffering a bit of loss by attrition. 

The powers that be are searching for a new w-space home for the corp that would allow both groups to live and operate from the same system.  Anyone know of a C5 out there with a C5 and a C3 static?  Not sure if such a place even exists.


~ by Centuri on April 30, 2010.

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