Wormhole Names

Ran across this list in someone’s bio in game.  I don’t recall ever seeing it posted anywhere so here you go….
With this list you don’t even have to jump in to know what class system it goes to.  Unless of course it is a K162.

Name Target System Class
A239 Lowsec
A641 Highsec
A982 Class 6 W-Space
B041 Class 6 W-Space
B274 Highsec
B449 Highsec
B520 Highsec
C125 Class 2 W-Space
C140 Lowsec
C247 Class 3 W-Space
C248 Nullsec (0.0)
C391 Lowsec
D364 Class 2 W-Space
D382 Class 2 W-Space
D792 Highsec
D845 Highsec
E175 Class 4 W-Space
E545 Nullsec (0.0)
G024 Class 2 W-Space
H121 Class 1 W-Space
H296 Class 5 W-Space
H900 Class 5 W-Space
I182 Class 2 W-Space
J244 Lowsecn
K162 Generic Wormhole Exit
K329 Nullsec (0.0)
K346 Nullsec (0.0)
L477 Class 3 W-Space
L614 Class 5 W-Space
M267 Class 3 W-Space
M555 Class 5 W-Space
M609 Class 4 W-Space
N062 Class 5 W-Space
N110 Highsec
N290 Lowsec
N432 Class 5 W-Space
N766 Class 2 W-Space
N770 Class 5 W-Space
N944 Lowsec
N968 Class 3 W-Space
O128 Class 4 W-Space
O477 Class 3 W-Space
O883 Class 3 W-Space
P060 Class 1 W-Space

Q317 Class 1 W-Space

Z142 Null Sec


~ by Centuri on May 6, 2010.

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  1. FYI, This info (in a pretty table, no less) plus more is on the EVE Wiki. I have the page bookmarked in the IGB for when I go wormhole exploring.



  2. http://www.bfwar.com/fbs all wormhole information on this site..

    Wormhole List

  3. Well there you go.

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