It Lags, We Understand

Do you find the comments and complaints about the lag more than a bit ironic considering your alliance decided to lead a coalition of half of null sec space against another coalition that includes the other half?  What did you think you were in for at the start of this campaign? 

To aggravate the situation even more your current strategy has you striking deep within the heart of enemy territory.  Of course they are going to bring eleventy billion people.  It’s what you expected at the start of the campaign.  It’s what you want since your current strategy seems to revolve around keeping the main force penned up defending core systems while smaller groups burn down the outlying systems. 

The NC survives because they stick together and can bring a ton of pilots to bear.  I am sorry if there policies and practices offend your E-Bushido code and you feel the need to justify your campaign to burn the North.  I am sorry that when you attack their homelands they come out in droves to defend. However mostly I am sorry for the fact that you feel compelled to complain about the lag every single time you make an otherwise interesting battle report. 

It lags, we understand.  When half of EVE decides to go and urinate in the cheerios of the other half, the serves can’t handle the large battles that come about.  It lags, we understand.  When you attack someone’s capital construction yards and capital staging systems they tend to show up in force to defend those systems. 

It lags, we understand.


~ by Centuri on May 13, 2010.

5 Responses to “It Lags, We Understand”

  1. Did somebody forget to make reservations for the battlefield with CCP?

  2. reservations or not a 1700 person battle all on grid is going to crash any server lol, well atleast how the network architecture and system is currently.

  3. The NC allegedly used alt + main accounts to push local in H-W9TY to 2000+ and stall out the SC offensive.

    The irony of miner alts being used to halt the offensive pushes of the SC in this system is quite delicious.

  4. “The NC used alt + main accounts to push local in H-W9TY to 2000+ and stall out the SC offensive.”

    Just like we ordered people to skip work *nod*.

    A lot of people in the SC heard about these things, but somehow nobody in the NC got the memo. Maybe we should petition a mail bug.

  5. Victim of propoganga. Tons of posters out there from the SC side of things while the NC folks appear hush hush.

    Nothing wrong with the tactic.

    Added in allegedly until confirmation is rcvd.

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