The Grand Non-Adventure

Several weeks ago I set out on what would promise to be a grand adventure.  The corporation moved it’s members to the class 5 with the class 5 static and operations in the class 5 with the class three static have all but ceased.  So off I set into deep and deadly unknown space in search of Shangri La or El Dorado, some lost city of untold riches that would allow the corp to run both large scale operations and small group content. 

Sights are set on a class five or class six wormhole with both a class 1-3 static and a class 5-6 static.  I knew going into it that the search would not be easy, but with a reward up to 4 plexes at the moment, even if it took me a month to find the right system it would still be worth it come pay day. 

The biggest problem overall seems to be getting and staying within the high end worm hole systems.  Wormholes being what they are, are unpredictable by nature.  The designers also sprinkled them with static wormholes with no rhyme or reason behind them.  The only discernable pattern is that there is no pattern.  A class five has just a high of chance of having a class 2 static as a class 6.  Searching from within normal space also proofed fruitless, as searching 10-12 systems out in null sec space looking for a single entry point is entirely too time consuming.  There is simply too much noise to sort through and I never quite feel as safe in null sec as I do within a wormhole.  

Wandering about from interconnected system to system is, at least, mildly entertaining.  Local reaction to my presence, once known, has proven to be amusing.  Pro-tip: at least bring an interceptor or some type of Interdictor if you are going to try to camp someone in a covert ops frigate, as your battle cruiser gang is completely ineffective.  

Thus far I am approaching 100 systems scanned down and rejected.  The colonization of wormhole space has been highly successful as nearly half of all systems visited had some player presence.  Even systems with seemingly little value, such as a class 4 with a class one static, can have multiple large towers and billions and billions of assets contained therein.  Others, such as a class 1 with only a high sec static, are useful for moon goo reactions and blue print research with a quick guaranteed market run on demand, or a class three with only a low sec static and the occupying corporation running small cruiser and battle cruiser gangs nightly into low sec and RR battleship gangs to clear the local sites for Isk. 

What I have yet to find is a single high end system with multiple wormhole statics.  That is, a wormhole that will have 2 or more guaranteed worm holes that lead to other wormhole systems.  I have found them with two statics but one will lead to null sec and the other to unknown space.  I am somewhat disheartened that what I am searching for could not even exist, or if it does, has already been claimed by another Isk seeking adventurer. 

I would like to plug the Static Mapper website developed by Raath Nambode.  The information provided on statics in a system has always been accurate as verified by my own scanning.  I am working on a list of systems and statics to add to his database, assuming he accepts such a thing of course.


~ by Centuri on May 24, 2010.

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  1. The Wormhole data will be useful to us. You could collaborate with an effort ongoing from Nomad itself.

    As for the effort to find the elusive perfect home >>>> While the prize still stands it would seem as time goes by the Importance of finding this “perfect’ WH is diminishing.
    This is primarily due to changes in availability of logistics and DPS over past few days. Basically we have multiple redundancies right now ( critically logistics )
    So for example we ran 20 class V sites yesterday in one sleeper ops. Probably start of a new trend here

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