Wormhole Survival: Obvious Trap is Obvious

Still less obvious than the Drake you chose to use for bait.

Ask yourself; is this target of opportunity a little too good?  You have seven active pilots in your class 1 wormhole all sitting at a POS in various ships.  Maybe you’re winding down for the night, maybe you are preparing for an op.  Suddenly you notice a wreck on directional scanner and a Drake with drones out.  You hop into a covert ops frigate and cloak up.  

Crazily enough this pilot this just 3 AU from your POS in a combat site.  Doesn’t he know how easy he was to find?  Must be some noob from high security space going on a field trip to wormhole space, boy does he have a lot to learn!  Carefully and skillfully you narrow your search down to one cosmic anomaly and warp in cloaked landing just 30 km from your soon-to-be victim.  The Drake carelessly has his drones on the one remaining sleeper frigate who has him webbed and scrammed.  You give the order in fleet for your entire small gang to warp on top of you as you decloak and warp disrupt the Drake. 

Your gang mates trickle into the combat site and slowly attack the Drake.  Tales of an easy kill on TeamSpeak means half the gang is in PVE fit ships.  In all the excitement no one notices that Heavy Interdictor warping in with twelve of his buddies, who I can promise you are not in a hastily cobbled together mixed PVE/PVP response fleet.  

Is he stopping to salvage wrecks as he goes?  A bait Drake likely won’t bother with the salvage. 

How does he react to a probe showing up in system or your pilots sitting in ships at the POS?  The care bear will safe up or warp back to his point of entry, bait Drake will sit there trying to look as juicy as possible.  

Assuming that you are able to get eyes on this player, what corporation is he in?  What does the corporation description contain any mention of PVP?  Does the corporation killboard show a large amount of wormhole space based kills?   

Wormholes offer no protection or knowledge of an enemy gangs presence within your system, let alone sitting on the other side of a k162 that you haven’t even scanned down yet.  Depending on the location of your POS and entry point an entire gang with support could be sitting off some distant planet or moon while their scout has eyes on you forming up within your POS as their plan unfolds.  Your enemy FC will know your ship types often before your own FC.  

A well tanked Drake will have upwards of 90k+ EHP.  Don’t hesitate to call another primary as enemy ships begin to land.  I can promise you the opposing FC already has his first two targets picked, call your points and divide them up amongst the opposing gang members as they land (you do have a point on that PVP ship you outfitted just for occasions such as this right?)  Remember that from an effeciency perspective even destroying one tech III cruiser is worth the cost of an entire small gang of cruiser hulls.  

Most importantly is to decide before the fight if you are going to commit to the fight or prepare to run.  If you are going to commit then have everyone swarm the Drake while watching directional scanner for incoming hostiles.  If you are going to hedge your bets then you want everyone to get within weapons range and align for a celestial at top speed.  The worst thing your FC can do is say nothing and have half your fleet with one finger on the warp out button while the other half sits on the Drake and gets bubbled by an Interdictor.  

Ultimately you have to decide on a risk vs. return basis if you want the kill bad enough.  Just remember that if it is bait, the enemy FC will only spring the trap if he feels he has the upper hand.  He expects you to scatter and for your pilots to flail about helplessly while his gang picks you apart.  Remember that fights (null sec sov issues aside) are ultimately judged on an effeciency basis, so kill something shiney before your gang all gets blown up.

Above all you have to know your level of risk tolerance AKA never fly something you can’t afford to loose.  If it smells like a trap then leave the shiney ships in the hangar.  Springing a trap in throwaway cruisers and batte cruiser hulls really costs you nothing and a bit of PVP is a nice break from the monotony of life in deep wormhole space.


~ by Centuri on June 22, 2010.

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