The Grand Non-Adventure

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Several weeks ago I set out on what would promise to be a grand adventure.  The corporation moved it’s members to the class 5 with the class 5 static and operations in the class 5 with the class three static have all but ceased.  So off I set into deep and deadly unknown space in search of Shangri La or El Dorado, some lost city of untold riches that would allow the corp to run both large scale operations and small group content. 

Sights are set on a class five or class six wormhole with both a class 1-3 static and a class 5-6 static.  I knew going into it that the search would not be easy, but with a reward up to 4 plexes at the moment, even if it took me a month to find the right system it would still be worth it come pay day. 

The biggest problem overall seems to be getting and staying within the high end worm hole systems.  Wormholes being what they are, are unpredictable by nature.  The designers also sprinkled them with static wormholes with no rhyme or reason behind them.  The only discernable pattern is that there is no pattern.  A class five has just a high of chance of having a class 2 static as a class 6.  Searching from within normal space also proofed fruitless, as searching 10-12 systems out in null sec space looking for a single entry point is entirely too time consuming.  There is simply too much noise to sort through and I never quite feel as safe in null sec as I do within a wormhole.  

Wandering about from interconnected system to system is, at least, mildly entertaining.  Local reaction to my presence, once known, has proven to be amusing.  Pro-tip: at least bring an interceptor or some type of Interdictor if you are going to try to camp someone in a covert ops frigate, as your battle cruiser gang is completely ineffective.  

Thus far I am approaching 100 systems scanned down and rejected.  The colonization of wormhole space has been highly successful as nearly half of all systems visited had some player presence.  Even systems with seemingly little value, such as a class 4 with a class one static, can have multiple large towers and billions and billions of assets contained therein.  Others, such as a class 1 with only a high sec static, are useful for moon goo reactions and blue print research with a quick guaranteed market run on demand, or a class three with only a low sec static and the occupying corporation running small cruiser and battle cruiser gangs nightly into low sec and RR battleship gangs to clear the local sites for Isk. 

What I have yet to find is a single high end system with multiple wormhole statics.  That is, a wormhole that will have 2 or more guaranteed worm holes that lead to other wormhole systems.  I have found them with two statics but one will lead to null sec and the other to unknown space.  I am somewhat disheartened that what I am searching for could not even exist, or if it does, has already been claimed by another Isk seeking adventurer. 

I would like to plug the Static Mapper website developed by Raath Nambode.  The information provided on statics in a system has always been accurate as verified by my own scanning.  I am working on a list of systems and statics to add to his database, assuming he accepts such a thing of course.


Truth in Advertising?

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Well then.

I am too afraid to click on it.  What if it is true?!

Best Update In Tyranis Notes

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· Loot: NPCs are now dropping the correct size of afterburners.


It Lags, We Understand

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Do you find the comments and complaints about the lag more than a bit ironic considering your alliance decided to lead a coalition of half of null sec space against another coalition that includes the other half?  What did you think you were in for at the start of this campaign? 

To aggravate the situation even more your current strategy has you striking deep within the heart of enemy territory.  Of course they are going to bring eleventy billion people.  It’s what you expected at the start of the campaign.  It’s what you want since your current strategy seems to revolve around keeping the main force penned up defending core systems while smaller groups burn down the outlying systems. 

The NC survives because they stick together and can bring a ton of pilots to bear.  I am sorry if there policies and practices offend your E-Bushido code and you feel the need to justify your campaign to burn the North.  I am sorry that when you attack their homelands they come out in droves to defend. However mostly I am sorry for the fact that you feel compelled to complain about the lag every single time you make an otherwise interesting battle report. 

It lags, we understand.  When half of EVE decides to go and urinate in the cheerios of the other half, the serves can’t handle the large battles that come about.  It lags, we understand.  When you attack someone’s capital construction yards and capital staging systems they tend to show up in force to defend those systems. 

It lags, we understand.

Wormhole Names

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Ran across this list in someone’s bio in game.  I don’t recall ever seeing it posted anywhere so here you go….
With this list you don’t even have to jump in to know what class system it goes to.  Unless of course it is a K162.

Name Target System Class
A239 Lowsec
A641 Highsec
A982 Class 6 W-Space
B041 Class 6 W-Space
B274 Highsec
B449 Highsec
B520 Highsec
C125 Class 2 W-Space
C140 Lowsec
C247 Class 3 W-Space
C248 Nullsec (0.0)
C391 Lowsec
D364 Class 2 W-Space
D382 Class 2 W-Space
D792 Highsec
D845 Highsec
E175 Class 4 W-Space
E545 Nullsec (0.0)
G024 Class 2 W-Space
H121 Class 1 W-Space
H296 Class 5 W-Space
H900 Class 5 W-Space
I182 Class 2 W-Space
J244 Lowsecn
K162 Generic Wormhole Exit
K329 Nullsec (0.0)
K346 Nullsec (0.0)
L477 Class 3 W-Space
L614 Class 5 W-Space
M267 Class 3 W-Space
M555 Class 5 W-Space
M609 Class 4 W-Space
N062 Class 5 W-Space
N110 Highsec
N290 Lowsec
N432 Class 5 W-Space
N766 Class 2 W-Space
N770 Class 5 W-Space
N944 Lowsec
N968 Class 3 W-Space
O128 Class 4 W-Space
O477 Class 3 W-Space
O883 Class 3 W-Space
P060 Class 1 W-Space

Q317 Class 1 W-Space

Z142 Null Sec

In the Black

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Despite my dwindling play time as ever increasing real life obligations reduce my EVE time down to just one or two evenings per week, I have somehow managed to recoup my initial investment of 400 million Isk into wormhole ships and supplies.  Happily I can report 0 losses of ships are supplies to in either PVP encounters or to corporate theft.  Apparently large projectile ammo and a T2 fitted hurricane and Tempest are not high on any would be thief’s lists.

The last corporate payout pushed my payment total to 441 million Isk in w-space income and thus finally made this a profitable venture.  It is good to know that any ops from here on out will not be covering costs but providing cold hard cash for the wallet. 

The skill training on my main continues to trudge towards a carrier and the appropriate skills to actually use one in combat effectively.  Against Eve-O forum consensus, I have been training towards a Minmatar Carrier, the Hel. 

The Hel, inciter of hellacious puns since 2005.

Somehow it is not as widely regarded as the Gallente or Amarrian versions, but I am sure it will suit my purposes just fine for now; mainly because I have no purposes for one beyond just having a goal to train towards.  One day I will have to pull up EFT and do run some fits on all three types and see for myself.

On the corporate front, FBS is enjoying a flood of new recruits, but has experienced the loss of a few key personnel.  Mainly the losses are the logistics and combat alts (read: Isk makers) of 0.0 players that now need these characters for the current North vs. South conflict.  Always sad to see a Guardian pilot leave, oh how we will miss his logistics skills and shiny remote armor repairers.  The newer pilots seem content to fly around Charming, our C5 with a C3 static, and it appears that Nomad, our C5 with a C5 static, is suffering a bit of loss by attrition. 

The powers that be are searching for a new w-space home for the corp that would allow both groups to live and operate from the same system.  Anyone know of a C5 out there with a C5 and a C3 static?  Not sure if such a place even exists.

New Wormhole Recruits: Where are they coming from?

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With Firebird Squadron’s doors open again I was a bit curious on the background of the players joining the corporation.  With operations ranging from small groups running class three sites to large organized gangs involving capital ships in class 5 sites.  FBS kind of offers it all when it comes to wormhole living. 

 Here is the breakdown of the last 11 members to join or corporation:

 6 0.0 Sov Holders

4 Empire Carebears

2 Former Providence Residents

1 Low sec pirate. 

The 0.0 sov holding alliances range from small constellation renters to 0.0 powerhouses of AAA to former NC members.  The one player that I spoke with was part of the Southern Power Bloc and he expressed that he enjoyed 0.0 life and the PVP and PVE opportunities it offered, but with the current climate in 0.0 he did not want to join his corporation in its current push into the North. 

Empire mission runners and industrialists are kind of a shoe in to me.  Wormholes would be the next step in progression of offering the relative safety of deep 0.0 space while they get to escape the monotony of the mission grind.

Our former members of the Providence neighborhood were obviously on the loosing end of that series of events.  Neither is from a space owning alliance.  With the current shift of Providence away from a NRDS governed by CVA’s ruleset and instead becoming a small gang PVP region overseen by dozens of smaller entities, I doubt these folks will be returning there.

The pirate is the red herring of the bunch.  I don’t know his reasons or motivations for joining.  Certainly if he can fly a battle cruiser well and follow directions he stands to make quite a sum of money very quickly running class 3 sites, assuming that is his intention of course. 

While I wish I had a larger sample size, perhaps I will take a look at this again in a few more weeks once recruitment is complete.  Honestly I would have thought that more players would have been joining coming from Empire backgrounds and perhaps a few from 0.0 industrial corporations.  It seems a bit backwards that players are entering wormholes from 0.0 space holding powers.  I guess 0.0 is not all it is cracked up to be at the moment.

Sorry for the lack of posts recently.  Tons of work to do both at work and at home.  Haven’t really had a ton of time to think up topics to ramble on about.