Warhammer Open Beta Log

Busy busy weekend on the Chrace server for Warhammer Online Open Beta.  There were ques of about 5 minutes long and over 150+ people deep at peak times.  Certainly a popular server.  I was able to link up with a guild called Happy Fun Guys that seem like a nice bunch of folks but unfortunately they are going to an Open RvR server so my time with them will be limited to the Open Beta.


I spent most of Friday and Saturday just plowing through the PVE chapters of the Dark Elves as a Disciple of Khaine.  I was able to get him all the way up to rank 15 and reknown rank 8.  The goal is to clear the PVE side and then just RvR in the various T2 open world areas for the remainder of open beta and then just dive right back into PVE for the collector’s edition head start.


A fight broke out around the Destruction held keep in the Shadowlands Sunday evening. Order was able to break through the gates and proceeded to clear out the guards below but a small force of about 6 destruction were able to hold them at the ramp leading up to the keep lord.  Eventually the defensive force was slowly whittled down as a single chosen remained holding the rampway with two Disciples of Khaine offering up support and heals.


We continued to hold out for several more minutes as gradually more and more destruction answered the call.  Staying within melee range to be effective proved to be the downfall of the two healers as they succumbed to a final push by the forces of Order and the Chosen soon too found himself re-spawning back at the nearby warcamp.


But that was not the end of this contest.  The race was on to reach the keep and retake the lower room from the forces of Order in order to clear them out.  We arrived back at the keep shortly later to find that the requested reinforcements had indeed arrived.  A relief force of about a dozen Destruction players was trying to press in and force Order back and away from the door.


The battle went back and forth for 15-20 minutes as Order placed two tanks at the keep door acting as a make shift barrier which Destruction would have to break through to interrupt the steady flow of heals which Order showered onto the two tanks.  Gradually Destruction was able to get one of the tanks down and swarm into the room with the now dwindling attacking force.  Soon it was all over and the keep was safe.


Very well done.  Score one for the bad guys!


~ by Centuri on September 8, 2008.

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