Long Overdue Update

What an adjustment the last few months have been.  First off, Fire Bird Squadron has formed the Terra-Incognita Alliance.  I believe that this was more for internal security reasons, but perhaps we will one day branch out again into multiple systems or add an established wormhole exploration corporation to our Alliance. 

Due to some significant changes in my personal life, my EVE time has been greatly affected.  Luckily I was able to plan ahead for these changes and remove all of my assets from within our deep wormhole pocket and plant them safely in Empire before my play time became reduced.  Hopefully at some point I will figure out how to balance MMO group activities with these new changes and do something actually worth writing about again.

Most of my playtime now consists of logging into my main and alt account and mining for perhaps an hour on the alt while running missions on the main to beef up the alts standing with some of the R&D corps.  This alt is working towards being a passive income source by running a few PI planets and 4 R&D agents.  This should cover at least half of the cost of a PLEX, and the passive income allowed by PI may very well explain the rising cost of PLEX out in non-Jita regions.  Assuming I am doing my reading write and my spreadsheet is correct, this should work out well with minimal effort.

I canceled both accounts and will be paying for both accounts with a PLEX from here on out.  The alt is paid up through November and the main is good through December.  The plan is to move the two trained up alts over to my main account and have the passive income alt running research, production, R&D agents, and PI setups to essentially finance well over half of the operation.  Assuming I am commit adequate time to the game again in adequate blocks of time, I will be rejoining the wormhole shenanigans back in Nomad, our C5 home system. 

Speaking of Shenanigans we had a small visit from the mercenary group NOIR in Nomad.  They entered the system on Wednesday September 22 and the first loss of ours was at 15:27.  There were several small to medium engagements throughout the system on that date as well as the next day as NOIR setup a staging POS.  We were on the loosing end of those as you can imagine, as our only victory was this Guardian.

We had a hero Orca, whose brave crew sacrified themselves in order to close off the main entry point that NOIR was using to get their inital force into the system.  The only other loss worthy of mention is this carrier, which then apparently started a whole debate over on battle clinic concerning cap regen and triage fit carriers.

Not having been in the system and having to glean information from killboards and corp mailings it seems that NOIR then began to setup a second staging POS and both sides more or less sat tight to see what would develop.  Last night we were informed that a cease fire had been negotiated and that NOIR would be leaving the system.  Shortly thereafter the “Terra-Incognita Eviction” contract was removed from the NOIR kill board.  While I don’t know the specific of those negotiations or the events that actually took place over the weekend, the scuttlebutt is that Terra-Incognita was able to bring in some additional allied support and secure the aid and presence of several “blue” entities inside of Nomad. 

While it would be a stretch to declare Terra-Incognita “victors,” as we clearly were on the loosing end of both of the major engagements of NOIR’s incursion, at the end of the day we are still here.


~ by Centuri on September 29, 2010.

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  1. Nice read dude. Can’t wait to have you back in nomad.

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